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Date: Sept 2018

Year Group: 5

Class: 7 & 8

Class Teacher: Mrs Stannard / Miss Ilyas

Subject Christmas Term Easter Term Summer Term
English ·Novel as a theme


.Classic narrative poetry


·Older literature

·Poems with figurative language

·Stories with historical settings


.Discussion and debate

.Film and play script

.Stories from other cultures

.Poems with a structure

Maths .Place value

.Written addition and subtraction



.Addition and subtraction

.Mental multiplication and division



.Multi[placation and measures

.Statistics and measures

.Place value

.Addition and subtraction including problem solving

.Mental and written multiplication




Mental and written division

.2D and 3D shape including sorting

.Calculating with fractions



.Statistics, measures and calculation

.Place value including decimals


.Measures and statistics


.Addition and subtraction

.Multiplication and division

.Place value

.Written calculations



.Area and volume of shapes




·Life choices

·Hope ·Mission

·Memorial sacrifice

·Sacrifice ·Transformation

·Freedom & responsibility

Science Forces Material properties Material changes Living things and their habitats Animals including humans Earth and Space
Computing Fusing geometry and art Sharing experiences and opinions Creating a virtual space Creating a website Cracking codes Developing a game
Theme Work



Who invaded and settled in Britain? Can you make an electronic vehicle? Earthquakes – what happens? What colours can you make? What can we find out about our area? What can we find out about North America?
Music Livin’ on a Prayer Classroom Jazz Make You feel My Love Old school hip hop Motown Reflect, rewind and replay
Physical Education Indoor athletics

Invasion games


Invasion games


Cross country


Net/wall games


Striking games


Striking games

MFL On holiday Eating out Hobbies A school trip Seasons The Environment
Eco School Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Light and tap brigade Light and tap brigade Our wildlife area Our wildlife area
PSHE New beginnings Getting on Going for goals Good to be me Relationships Changes