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School News | Friday 14th July 2017


Please join us on Monday in school at 9.30am for our Yr 6 Leavers’ Mass.


On Wednesday, we will celebrate the retirement of Mr and Mrs Moore who have been our Site Supervisor and School Cleaner for over 20 years!  We are very grateful for all the hard work, dedication and commitment they have shown to St John’s, we wish them the very best and will miss them next September.


Class parties to celebrate the end of term will take place on Wed 19th.  Each class will make their own arrangements and class teachers will let you know.


To celebrate their time at St John’s, Yr 6 pupils are going bowling in the afternoon on Wed 19th.  On returning to school they will continue to celebrate with a leavers’ party in the hall until 4.30pm.


Please note that the Summer Term ends on Thurs 20th July and school closes at 1.30pm.  We hope you all have a restful summer break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tues 5th Sept.


Please note that from September, our office will only be able to accept payment for school dinners on Mondays.  Please make arrangements for dinner money to be paid promptly each Monday for the coming week.  The cost of school dinners will remain at £2.10 per day for the school year 2017-18.


If you wish to collect your child early from school in order to attend an appointment, please inform the office in advance – at least the day before the appointment.


Please See below


Please may we remind you that mobile phones are not allowed in school.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss this.

CLASS WRITER AND TROPHY WINNERS – Well done this week to:

Trophy winners: Class 1 Sofia Alviz; Class 2 Jennifer Dodds; Class 3 Finley Lacy; Class 4 Elecia Dillon-Hartley; Class 5 Jack Taylor; Class 6 Joseph Wilkinson; Class 7 Aimee Macken; Class 8 The whole class; Class 9 The whole class.   Writers of the Week: Class 1 Connor Davies; Class 2 Leona Pendlebury; Class 3 Harrison Peat; Class 4 Sienna Wilson; Class 5 Emily Whittle; Class 6 Owen Earnshaw; Class 7 Finlay Clark; Class 8 Alessandra Dimalaluan; Class 9 Cole Allott.

Josie Beech won the Headteacher’s Award and Lucas Wilton was our Healthy Eater of the Week.  Leona Pendlebury and Emily Whittle were our Writers of the Week.  Classes 2 and 5 won the Golden Boot Award for having the most children who walked to school and Class 9 won the Attendance Award.


Boys: Grey trousers or shorts, white or blue polo shirt and maroon top with the school logo (sweatshirt or fleece).

Girls: Grey skirt or pinafore, grey trousers, white or blue polo shirt and maroon top with school logo (sweatshirt or fleece). Blue summer dresses in the summer months.

Footwear: Only plain black shoes with no logos are allowed.  Boots and boot-style shoes are not allowed.

PE: Plain white tee shirt or polo shirt, black shorts and black pumps. Trainers and tracksuits for outdoor games in winter months for outdoor PE (Junior children only). All children should have a PE kit bag, which they can keep on their coat hook.

Hair: Extreme hairstyles, including unnatural colours or decorative beads are not allowed. Severe haircuts, tramlines/shaved parting lines, shaven heads (number 2 cut or less) and decorative designs are not allowed.

Jewellery: No jewellery or make-up is allowed.  Children may wear a watch. Small stud type earrings are allowed. All jewellery must be removed before any PE activity.

Toys and Belongings: Toys and expensive or treasured personal belongings should not be brought into school as we cannot accept any responsibility for the safety or security of such items.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are not allowed in school.

Please make sure that ALL ITEMS of clothing and footwear are plainly and permanently marked with your child’s name.

If school policies are not adhered to, we will contact you and ask you to rectify any breeches of our policies as soon as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.