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School News | Friday 14th June 2019

Parish Consultation meeting

Following the meeting held on 28thMay at Blessed Trinity, an individual parish consultation meeting will take place at St John’s church on Wednesday 19thJune, 7.30pm.  This is for discussion of items 1 and 2 of the consultation questionnaire, all are welcome to attend.  The meeting will be chaired by Fr David. 

Musical instruments

We have a number of musical instruments in school which are no longer required and free to a good home (including 2 guitars, 2 cellos and a number of violins).  If you are interested, please contact Miss Manley on a first come, first served basis and by Wednesday 19thJune.

Sporting events/activities next week

Some of our Yr 6 pupils continue on catch-up lessons.  These take place each Wednesday up to and including 10thJuly.  Cricket coaching continues for Yr5 pupils in school on Thursdays 1-2pm.  Some of our Yr3 & 4 pupils take part in athletics on Tuesday 18th– separate letters have gone home.

Diary dates

Tues 25thJune – Feast Day Celebrations

Thurs 27thJune – Yr6 Transition Day, BTRCC

Wed 3rdJuly – KS1 Blackpool Zoo

Thurs 4thJuly – Yr5 & 6 Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Sat 6thJuly – Yr3 First Holy Communion

Mon 8thJuly, Yr3; Tues 9thYr4 Gulliver’s World

Feast Day Celebrations

We will celebrate the Feast Day of St John the Baptist on Tuesday 25thJune.  Children will take part in celebratory activities including our summer picnic.

Mass at church

Next Thursday 20thJune we will walk to church to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi.  Please ensure that your child has a coat on that day.  Please join us at church if you can.

Relationship & Sex Education

This half-term, in line with our RE Policy, children in all classes will take part in age-appropriate Relationship and Sex Education. If you would like to see the materials or discuss this further, please contact your child’s Class Teacher via the office.

Summer trips

We are all looking forward to our end of year class trips.  Please make sure that you have returned permission slips and contributions to the office.  Please see individual letters for details as some trips have a later pick-up time.


Please call in to speak to your child’s teacher on Mon 24thJune 3-4pm, no appointments are required, please do drop-in.

Weekly Winners

Class Winners:

C1 – Maddison Connolly
C2 – Neveah Edmondson
C3 – Lucas Horgan
C4 – Maisie Fort
C5 – Mya Thornton
C6 – Sinead Muldoon
C7 – Riley Clavell-Bate
C8 – Charlie Foxcroft
C9 – Ethan Holmes

Writers of the Week:

C1 – Grace Hayton
C2 – Zara Gul
C3 – Marlena Cegielka
C4 – Vanessa Matras
C5 – Juvin Juliu
C6 – Angel Harrison
C7 – Amelia Broderick
C8 – Alisha Rooney
C9 – Ruby Woodburn

Healthy Eater of the Week – Olivia Taj

Golden Boot Award – Classes 3 & 9

Best Attendance – Class 1

House Winner – St George

Headteacher’s Card Winner – Zayaan Ali