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School News | Friday 7th June 2019

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their break.  We are all looking forward to our final half-term – which is busy as usual. Well done to our Yr 6 pupils who completed SATs in the last half-term.

In the next few weeks we are especially looking forward to our Yr 3 pupils receiving First Holy Communion – they are in our prayers.

Sports report from Mrs Stannard

Cricket – Before half-term the girls’ cricket team went to Lowerhouse Cricket Club for a cricket tournament.  They all played really well and made us proud. 

Orienteering – On Thursday before half-term, pupils from Year 6 went to Towneley Park for an Orienteering competition.  They were faced with a challenging course but worked well together and had a great time.

Phonics Screening Check

Pupils in Year 1 (Class 2) will take part in national phonics screening checks next week.  Please arrange to speak to Mrs Hoggatt (via the office) if you would like more information.

Reporting pupil absence 

If your child is unwell please ring and speak to us or leave a message.  Please tell us why they are not coming into school, telling us the nature of the illness rather than saying unwell or poorly.

Welcome back Mrs Brown!

This week we have welcomed back Mrs Brown.  We are delighted that she has returned following her maternity leave.  Please come and say hello to her, she will be in our office with Miss Manley Mondays to Wednesdays. 

Food Club

As part of our Enrichment programme, a letter has gone home to KS2 pupils inviting applications to attend our after-school healthy eating and cooking club.  Thank you to Mrs Hogg and Miss Pitman who are leading this 4 week club. 

Relationship & Sex Education

This half-term, in line with our RE Policy, children in all classes will take part in age-appropriate Relationship and Sex Education.

If you would like to see the materials or discuss this further, please contact your child’s Class Teacher via the office.

Sacramental Programme

Children and their parents from Year 3 who are taking part in this year’s Sacramental Progamme meet next Thursday 13thJune at 7pm in the Parish Rooms.  

This is in preparation for First Holy Commmunion Mass on Saturday 6thJuly, 11am.

Bike Shed

Please note that the bike shed, like the gate to the yard, is not opened until 8.30am.

Weekly Winners

Class Winners:

C1 – Sahm Khan
C2 – Zayn Ahmed-Latif
C3 – Jake Cook
C4 – Taylor Williams
C5 – Grace McDonagh-Kelly
C6 – Raphael Raquel
C7 – Marco Mochizuki
C8 – Emily Whittle
C9 – Ethan Greenwood

Writers of the Week:

C1 – Riley O’Keefe
C2 – Reuben Shaw
C3 – Aston Guy
C4 – Olivia Mai Coates
C5 – Well done!
C6 – Daniel Elliott
C7 – Chloe Cook
C8 – Jessica Brogan
C9 – Maddison McGibbon

Healthy Eater of the Week – Aakash Jegadeesan

Golden Boot Award – Classes 2 & 4

Best Attendance – Class 1

House Winner – St Andrew

Headteacher’s Card Winner – Elexa Durkin