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Year 6 closure

From today (6th October) we have had to close school to Year 6 pupils (Classes 7 & 8).   This is due to three confirmed cases of Covid-19 in their year group.  They can return to school on Monday 19th October.  School remains open to all other year groups, including siblings of Year 6 unless a member of their household has tested positive or has Covid-19 symptoms.

Arrangements for staggered timings, September 2020
Please note our new starting and finishing times from Monday 7th September:

EYFS (C1): 9.20am-3.20pm
Yr 1 (C2) and Yr 6 (C7, C8): 8.50-2.50pm
Yr 2 (C3) and Yr 5 (C6): 9am-3pm
Yr 3 (C4) and Yr 4 (C5): 9.10am-3.10am

Sincere best wishes –  Mrs S Price, Headteacher; Mrs H Bibby, Deputy Headteacher and all staff at St John’s.

For further information, please contact our Office Manager, Miss AM Manley 01282 438120 or office@stjohns.lancs.sch.uk