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Date: Sept 2019

Year Group: 2

Class: 3

Class Teacher: Miss Dunderdale

Subject     Christmas Term       Easter Term        Summer Term
Literacy Stories by the same author.

Poetry – The owl and pussycat.

Traditional tales with a twist.


Stories with familiar settings.

Poems on a theme.

Story as a theme.

Recounts: Letters.

Persuasive advert or poster.

Animal adventure


Explanation text.

Poems with a structure (Riddles).

Numeracy Number and place value.

Length, Mass and Weight.  Addition and subtraction.  Shape

Counting, multiplication and sorting.  Statistics.  Fractions.  Capacity and Volume.  Money and time. Number and place value.  Mass / weight.  Shape.  Money.  Multiplication and division. Length and Mass.  Addition, subtraction and fractions.  Position, direction and time. Number, place value and statistics.  Addition and subtraction.  Capacity, fractions, time and shape. Time.  Multiplication and division.  Statistics, measurement and sorting.


Domestic Church-Beginnings

Baptism/confirmation- Signs and symbols

Advent – preparations Local Church – The books used in Church Eucharist- Thanks giving.

Lent -opportunities

World religions

Pentecost – spread the word. Reconciliation – rules.

Universal Church – treasures.

Science Uses of everyday materials Healthy humans Habitats Animals – life cycles Plants Plants and animals in the local area
Computing Algorithms – Programming on screen Game testers – exploring how computers work Photographers – taking better photos Researchers

Researching a topic

Detectives – Collecting clues Zoologists- Collecting data about bugs
Theme Work




Famous people:

Explorers (Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus)


To design, make and evaluate a product.


Contrasting locations – Africa/UK

How is Africa different to the UK


Create art work using a range of materials


Great Fire of London

What have we learnt from the fire of London?


Local area

What puts Burnley on the map?

Music Hands, feet and heart (pulse) Ho, ho, ho I wanna play in a band Zoo time Friendship song Reflect, rewind and replay
Physical Education Games – Piggy in the middle Dance




Games – Net and wall Athletics

Striking and fielding


Striking and fielding

Eco Sch Recycling Renewable energy Save water Looking after our local area Reducing pollution Road safety
PSHE New beginnings Getting on and falling out Say no to bullying Going for goals Good to be me Relationships and changes