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Newsletter | 14th Feb 2020

School News | Friday 14th February 2020 – Valentine’s Day The Year of the Word We are currently in the Year of the Word and we continue to send home Matthew’s Gospel from each class so that our St John’s families can share in our exploration of scriptures. The Year of the Word marks the… Read more »

Newsletter | 7th Feb 2020

School News | Friday 7th February 2020 The Parish of the Good Samaritan Prayer Father David has been in school this week working with various classes and has asked us as a school to put emphasis on the Parish Prayer: “Heavenly Father, as your son became Good Samaritan to help us through our fallen times,… Read more »

Newsletter | 31st Jan 2020

School News | Friday 31st January 2020 Year of the Word Our Year of the Word celebrations continue this week. Each year group has been presented with a beautiful Class Bible which will be looked at and studied throughout the year. Diary Dates: Class 9 Assembly   Fri 31st Jan – all welcome Class 8 Assembly   Fri 7th Feb –… Read more »

Newsletter | 24th Jan 2020

School News | Friday 24th January 2020 Mrs Price update Mrs Price is currently absent from school and is home after undergoing tests in hospital. We are confident she will be back to school as soon as she is fully recovered. Mrs Price is in daily contact with school and we are keeping her up… Read more »

Newsletter | 17th Jan 2020

School News | Friday 17th January 2020 Mass at School We would like to say a big thank you to all who attended the Mass in school on Thurs 16th January. Bishop John attended the Mass and was very complimentary about our wonderful school, excellently behaved pupils and supportive school community. He looks forward to attending… Read more »

Newsletter | 10th Jan 2020

School News | Friday 10th January 2020 Happy New Year and Welcome Back Happy New Year and welcome back to school as we begin our Spring Term.  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful break. We now look forward to our new term and all that it has to offer.  Next week, a list of… Read more »

Newsletter | 20th Dec 2019

School News | Friday 20th December 2019 Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year As we come to the end of Advent, we would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank you very much for all your support this term at St John’s.   Thank you for attending events in school such… Read more »

Newsletter | 13th Dec 2019

School News | Friday 13th December 2019 Sacramental Programme Meeting Year 3 families are invitied to a meeting with Father David on Tuesday 14th January at 7pm in the parish rooms.  Please do attend if your child is baptised and you wish them to join the Sacramental Programme this year. PTFA Christmas Fayre Thank you very much… Read more »

Newsletter | 6th Dec 2019

School News | Friday 6th December 2019 Advent message from Fr David   ‘Advent is a time of spiritual preparation: when society is telling us to get busy, the Church tells us instead to slow down. It’s also a time to think and reflect upon the enormity of what we are celebrating at the Feast of… Read more »

Newsletter | 29th Nov 2019

School News | Friday 29th November 2019 Advent at St John’s This year we are aiming in school to make Advent much more of a season in its own right, rather than simply a countdown to Christmas.  For the first time, we will have Advent Reconciliation for juniors led by Fr David.   In the Entrance Hall, as… Read more »