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School News | Friday 1st November 2019

Poppy Appeal

Poppies will be available in school from Monday in exchange for a silver coin.  This year the Poppy Appeal is aiming to raise over £50 million to help support serving and ex-serving members of the Armed Forces community and their families.  

Progress in Writing

Well done to the following children who won our new Writing Progress Award last half-term – we are very proud of them all:

C1 – Aarya Khan
C2 – Benjamin Walker
C3 – Joshua Pendlebury
C4 – Eddie Sims
C5 – Jacob Brogan
C6 – Oliver Chapman
C7 – Sofia Musso
C8 – Jayden Fay
C9 – Benjamin Greaves

KS2 Food Club

Our programme of enrichment activities continues this half-term with KS2 Food Club.  Places have already been allocated – see separate letter for details.  Children will make healthy snacks including: mini pizza; Christmas treats; fruit smoothies; soup and pasta.  Thanks to Mrs Hogg and Miss Pitman for running this club.

Parental Information Leaflet

We hope you found the end of year expectations leaflet useful.  Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss these further and bring to Parents’ Evening as a way of discussing your child’s progress.

School Nurse drop-in 9-10.30

Our school nurse will be available in school on Tuesday 12th November between 9-10.30am.  Please call in, no appointments necessary, if there is something you would like to discuss.

Class 5 Assembly

Family and friends of children in Class 5 are invited to school on Friday 8th November when they present their class assembly.  Please join us at 10am, we look forward to welcoming you to school.

Bonfire Lunch

Please see the flyer being sent home for details of this year’s Bonfire Lunch.  If your child does not usually have school lunches, this is a great opportunity for them to try them – please join in.

Author Visit

Our programme of visitors to inspire children and raise aspirations continues next Friday when we welcome author Danny Wilson to school.  He will spend time working with our Yr 6 pupils.

Burnley Night Light Parade

Next week, children in Class 5 (Year 4) will take part in a workshop in school with two local artists.  They will design and create lanterns which will be displayed and paraded around Burnley town centre.

Weekly Winners

Class Winners:

C1 – Olivia Thompson
C2 – Sahm Khan
C3 – Finley Holmes
C4 – David Brotherton
C5 – Zach Rumney
C6 – Mya Thornton
C7 – Jayden Fay
C8 – Emils Kuznecovs
C9 – The Whole Class!  

Writers of the Week:

C1 – Theo Clarke
C2 – Monica Mitchell
C3 – Lexi Dickson-Carter
C4 – Marlena Cegielka
C5 – Dinio Wilson
C6 – Jazmine Pasqual
C7 – Raphael Raquel
C8 – Sandra Bajek
C9 – Nicole Borg

Headteacher Card – Jasmine Pasqual

Healthy Eater of the Week – Caleb Broderick

Golden Boot Award – C1 and C4

Best Attendance – C4

House of the Week – St Andrew