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St John’s RC Primary Burnley


Dear Parents

The community of St John’s RC Primary School attempts to serve as a witness to the Catholic Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ at all time and in all that we do.

We believe that parents are the first and foremost educators and that we are called to support them in their God given task.

Each child in our school is valued and encouraged to achieve human wholeness in a happy, secure Christian environment.

We will do our best to provide the best possible education for every child.

Rev D Featherstone

Parish Priest


I will;

  • attend school regularly and on time.
  • wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance.
  • be polite and helpful to others.
  • do all my classwork and homework as well as I can.
  • use the talents God has given me.
  • take good care of all school equipment and help keep our school free from litter.
  • act sensibly when on or near the road.
  • always work to the best of my ability and complete my homework

Signed __________________

(The pupil)


We will;

  • support the school in living our Catholic Faith.
  • ensure that my child attends regularly, on time and suitably equipped.
  • inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • support the school’s policies and guidelines on behaviour.
  • attend parent’s evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
  • support my child in any homework.
  • avoid taking holidays in school time.
  • encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others.
  • discuss with my child their experiences in school and encourage them to do their best.

Signed ___________________________



St John’s RC Primary will;

  • provide a friendly welcome to your child, and a secure, stimulating, Christian environment in which to learn.
  • provide opportunities for spiritual development through the celebration of our Catholic Faith.
  • provide you with information about your child’s progress and opportunities to talk to teachers.
  • set and monitor homework when appropriate
  • keep parents informed about school activities.
  • arrange parents evenings to discuss progress.
  • inform you of any concerns regarding your child’s behaviour, work or health.
  • challenge your child to strive for the highest standard of personal, social, and intellectual development and aim for excellence in all they do.

Signed ________________________

(Class Teacher)