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Sept 2016- 2019

The Purpose of this Plan

St John’s RC Primary School is an inclusive school. Our school motto states that: ‘with Christ at our side, we do our best in all things.’

Our Mission Statement states that in all we do we aim to be CARING CHRISTIANS.

It is the policy of this school to endeavour to remove barriers to learning and to facilitate the full participation of all our stakeholders; pupils, parents and carers, teaching and support staff, governors and outside agencies

The school’s admission procedure includes the collection of medical and other information which informs our planning and provision. If and when a parent informs us of a particular need or disability, we do everything in our power to ensure that their needs are met. This may necessitate the use of core and/or SEN funds to provide additional support or resources.

The most recent audit of medical and other needs shows that there are currently 2 pupils who experiences specific disabilities. Previous questionnaires showed no parents consider themselves having a disability. Assessment of the needs of both parents and children is an on-going process. In future, if any parents do have a disability or need this Plan will be updated with their needs and suggestions before the 3 year expiry date for renewal.

The Main Priorities in the Plan

These have been informed over the past few years through work undertaken for the SEN Policy and the Disability Equality Scheme.

The school’s Disability Equality Scheme and action plan identifies the 6 elements which have to be met:

  • Promote equality of opportunity between disabled and other people
  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Eliminate any harassment of disabled people that is related to their disability
  • Promote positive attitudes towards disabled people
  • Encourage participation in public life by disabled people
  • Take reasonable steps to meet the needs of disabled people, even if this requires more favourable treatment.

Disabled access to the building is available via the main entrance and the school is all on one level.

Aspect of the duty Issue being addressed Action to be taken Monitoring process and success criteria Who? Start date End date

Promote equality of opportunity,

Eliminate discrimination,

Take reasonable steps to meet needs of disabled

Car Park has no reserved space for any disabled drivers To ensure at least one car space is marked as disabled and reserved.

Monitor future needs.

Painting & sign to be produced for car park

Works completed HT & Governors October 2016 October 2016


Take reasonable steps to meet needs of disabled

To ensure needs of disabled are highlighted through school’s teaching of RE and PSHE

To ensure full curriculum access for all pupils according to statements of SEN, care plans or physical needs

We are all God’s children and all different. To ensure disability is something that children are aware of but we will teach disability is just a difference and should be celebrated not victimized.

Take advice from Hillside Autistic units about how we can make our school more welcoming to their 2 children who attend our school and others in the future.

Consult other specialists regarding access when needs arise.

HT Report to Governors

All children have full access to curriculum – eg school liaises with those children on care plans for eating disorders/allergies to ensure they still get full access to school dinners, cookery clubs etc

Provision for pupils with physical disabilities/EHCP

Headteacher & staff July 2016 July 2019


Take reasonable steps to meet needs all parents

To provide additional information to school community about external services eg holiday care, clubs etc

School to liaise with one parent who is known to be illiterate to ensure he understands school newsletter and

other information.

After successful trial, school to buy text service messaging to enable texts to notify/remind our parents of news for next 3 years

Fliers to be sent home

School website to highlight areas of extended services for families

School to meet needs of community, eg emailing if requested

Take advice from specialists regarding access when needs arise, eg braille

HT Report to Governors

Review of this plan

Headteacher, staff, Governors October 2016 October 2019

Funding issues

1. Where a pupil has an EHCP,  which states that additional support and/or resources such Braille-translation equipment or a hearing loop, we expect that this will be provided by central funds.

It is the Governing Body’s responsibility to ensure that such equipment is available for pupils, staff and parents.  This responsibility may be delegated to the Headteacher / SENCO.

2. Any improvements to the physical environment, whether internal or external, will be included in the school’s School Improvement Plan. They will be budgeted for accordingly.

Transport and Travel to/from school

School will continue to encourage walking, biking and scooting to school rather than vehicle use.  We will encourage all parents and carers to use the voluntary one-way system.  We will work with our neighbouring school on this.

Monitoring and Evaluation

This plan will be monitored and evaluated by the Headteacher and Governors of the school. It will be reviewed together with the Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan according to the published policy review schedule.

October 2016