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Dear Parents and Carers

Summer Term Information

I hope you are well and that your child/children enjoyed their first day of our new term.

Please can I remind you of some of our normal rules and routines which we are returning to this term.


If your child is not attending school due to illness, please ring the office and either speak to a member of staff or leave a message.  We can only authorise absence due to illness if we know what is wrong with your child.  If you need to collect your child early from school to attend an appointment, please let us know in advance and please bring an appointment card or letter to the office.


Please make sure that your child arrives at school punctually and is collected punctually.  When children arrive late or are collected late, it creates difficulties for staff.


Please be reminded of our uniform policy:

Grey trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore or blue summer dress; white or blue polo-shirt; burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan; plain black school shoes – not trainers or sports shoes.

PE kit: 

Please make sure your child has the following kit in school on their PE days:

Plain white t-shirt; plain black shorts; black pumps for indoor, old trainers for outdoors.


We do not allow extreme hairstyles.  This includes tramlines, shaved heads, braids and non-natural hair colours.

Year 1:

This term we are welcoming Mr Morton to our team.  He will teach Year 1 during Mrs Hogg’s maternity absence.  I have written separately to parents and carers of children in Year 1.

Please contact me by ringing the office if you would like to discuss anything further. 

Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Price