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School News | Friday 18th October 2019

Diocese of Salford Building Fund

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Building Fund so far.  To date, we have collected £785.00  We are still accepting contributions if you haven’t done so already. Thank you very much.

Progress in Writing

This term we are introducing a new award. Each half-term, the child who has made the most progress in Writing will be presented with a certificate.  For this award, effort and progress will be recognised, rather than the award being given to ‘the best’ writer in each class. 

Early collection

If you wish to collect your child early from school, we ask that you tell us in advance and put it in writing.  

If your child is attending an appointment such as the doctors or dentists, please bring the appointment card with you to the office in advance, or when you collect your child.  

Parental Information Leaflet

Today your child will bring home a leaflet with details on what they are learning this year.  

Please read through it and discuss with your child.  It can form the basis of conversations with your child’s class teacher at Parents’ Evening after the half-term break.  We do hope you find them useful.

Fancy Dress Disco

If your child is coming to the disco please make sure they have their ticket with them. Please drop them off at the Hall doors at 5pm.  Please collect them promptly at 6.30pm.  

As it is dark, children will not be allowed to walk home on their own.  We are sure it will be a great event.

Class 3 Assembly

Family and friends of children in Class 3 are invited to school on Friday 1st November when they present their class assembly.  

Please join us at 10am, we look forward to welcoming you to school.

Half-term break

School closes on Friday 18th for our half-term break.  We hope you feel that your children have made a good start to their new class and wish everyone a restful week.  

We look forward to seeing you again on Monday 28th October.

Sports Report

We have been busy with school sport this 1/2 term.  Children have been involved in rugby, tri-golf, multi-sports and football competitions.  Thank you to all those who took part, we are proud of you.  

Thank you to parents/carers for their support in transporting children etc.

Parents’ Evening

Please look out for the letter sent home today inviting you to make appointments for Parents’ Evening.  As previously published, the date is Wednesday 6th November 3-6pm.  

All children will bring their books home on Friday 1st November in preparation.  We look forward to seeing you.

Weekly Winners

Class Winners:

C1 – Jessica Woolley
C2 – George Franklin
C3 – Gracie Frost
C4 – Vivienne McCarthy
C5 – Hannah Smith
C6 – Maxwell Ellis
C7 – Well done to their winner
C8 – Ocean Hayton
C9 – Nicole Borg

Writers of the Week:

C1 – Caiden Jefferson
C2 – Grace Hayton
C3 – Edie Hurst
C4 – Taylor Fay
C5 – Zach Rumney
C6 – Stephen Laing
C7 – Daniel Elliott
C8 – Bella Kida
C9 – Joseph Wilkinson

Headteacher Card – Mya Thornton

Healthy Eater of the Week – Gracie Frost

Golden Boot Award – C1 and C4

Best Attendance – C6

House of the Week – St Andrew