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School News | Friday 25th September 2020

Data collection sheets

Please return these to school as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already, we need your details.

Reading Challenge

Well done George Franklin in Class 3 for being the first winner of our Bronze Award. Congratulations!

Friday Favourites are back!!!!

Pizza was delivered to class for Friday Favourites today and went down very well!  Mrs Halliwell and the kitchen staff have some great ideas for future Friday Favourites including popping chicken and hotdogs.  

If your child would like to join in please let the office know by Wednesday.  It’s £2.30 for Junior children.

National Poetry Day 1st Oct 

We are celebrating this year virtually!  Each class will perform a poem they are learning to the school via our interactive white boards.  


Thank you for the positive feedback about online homework.  See our website for this week’s work.  Each class has spellings and a multiplication task.


If you haven’t already activated your ParentPay account, please do so as soon as possible.  Until all parents and carers have done so, we are unable to fully launch the service.  If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the office.

October – the month of the Holy Rosary

As October is the month of the Holy Rosary, we will be praying the Rosary each day.  Each class will also have the chance (weather permitting) to gather at our outdoor Sacred Space and pray together. Please ask your child about this and try to pray together at home if you can. 

Primary and Secondary school places

If your child is due to start primary or secondary school in September next year (2021), you can apply now.  Closing dates are:

31 October 2020 for secondary places

15 January 2021 for primary places

Please visit: www.lancashire.gov.uk/schools

House Captains

We are delighted to announce this year’s House Leaders. 

St George – Captain, Mya Thornton; Vice, Daniel Elliot. 

St David – Captain, Lucy Currie; Vice, Leo Burton. 

St Patrick – Captain, Maxwell Ellis; Vice, Angel Dillion-Hartley. 

St Andrew – Captain, Amelia Mansworth; Vice- Caesar Lopez.

Class Awards  

Our winners this week are:

Class 1 –  Amaan
Class 2 – Keegan
Class 3 – Kai
Class 4 – Joshua
Class 5 – Esteban
Class 6 – Tianna
Class 7 – Oliver
Class 8 – Olivia

Well done everyone for fabulous work and behaviour this week, you are setting an excellent example to all. 

Term dates

Half-term: Mon 26th – Fri 30th October

End of term: Fri 18th December

Spring term: Tues 5th January

Weekly Awards

Readers of the Week: 

Class 1 – Charlie
Class 2 – Giorgio
Class 3 – Ben
Class 4 – Patrick
Class 5 – Eddie
Class 6 – Archie
Class 7 – Caria
Class 8 – Paige

Writers of the Week: 

Class 1 – Anisha
Class 2 – Isabelle
Class 3 – Chiara
Class 4 – Finley
Class 5 – Jamelia
Class 6 – Dinio
Class 7 – Lucy
Class 8 – Kimberly

Contact Us

Tel: 01282 438120

Email: office@stjohns.lancs.sch.uk


Twitter: @BurnleySJB