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School News | Friday 27th September 2019

It was wonderful to have Bishop John in our parish at the weekend.  He asked to be invited to school so we hope to see him again soon.  

Please be reminded of our Mass to mark the formal coming together of our churches – Saturday 28th September, 12noon at St Mary’s – everyone welcome.

CAFOD Assembly

We welcome members of St John’s CAFOD group to school next Friday, 4th October.  They will present an assembly at 10am to the whole school for CAFOD Harvest Fast Day.

Our School Rules

We discuss our School Rules regularly, please be reminded of them:

  1. Be gentle.
  2. Be kind and helpful.
  3. Be honest.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Listen to people.
  6. Look after property.

Visitors to school

This week we have welcomed a member of the Armed Forces (Marines) to school, and next week we welcome Paul France who is CEO of Burnley Football Club in the Community.  

Guests are speaking to Junior children with the aim of raising aspriations and encouraging children to think of future careers and the world of work.  

Please ask your children about our visitors.

School Improvement Priorities – Personal Development

Last week we began sharing our School Improvement Priorities via the newsletter.  We gave details of our aim to improve progress, particularly in Reading.

This week I would like to share a second priority.   In the area of Personal Development we are aiming this year to provide a richer and wider range of experiences for pupils.  

With this is mind, we are inviting a range of visitors to school.  They will speak in Collective Worship, or talk and give presentations to individual year groups – see above.  

We are also making changes to our curriculum so that it reflects our local area more and meets the needs of our children more.

Chaplaincy Day, Wednesday 2nd October

Members of our Pupil Chaplaincy Team will spend the day at St John’s, Padiham with Chaplaincy Teams from other schools.  

New members will be commissioned in the afternoon at St John’s Church, Padiham – see separate letter for details.  

We are very grateful to our Chaplaincy Team for the work they do within school.  Thank you!

Governors’ Visit Week

We welcome members of our Governing Body to school next week for Governors’ Visit Week.  

They will spend time in classes and speak to Subject Leaders about current priorities.  They will also join us for lunch on Thursday.  

We are grateful for their continued support and involvement with our school.  Please ask your children about their visit.

Weekly Winners

Class Winners:

C1 – Ollie Lacy
C2 – Euan Wallace
C3 – Neveah Edmondson
C4 – Estaban Guardado Fernadez
C5 – Jennifer Dodds
C6 – Conor Dickinson
C7 – Amelia Mansworth
C8 – Alphy John
C9 – Connor Brogan

Writers of the Week:

C1 – Oliver Britner
C2 – Harrison Chapman
C3 – Jessica Hawke
C4 – Marlena Cegielka
C5 – Jacob Brogan
C6 – Lucy Currie
C7 – Lucas Howson
C8 – Harry Sims
C9 – Farah Ahmed-Latif

Headteacher Card – Bella Kida

Healthy Eater of the Week – Georgia Picton

Golden Boot Award – C2 and C7

Best Attendance – C5

House of the Week – St David