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School News | Friday 2nd October 2020


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Reading Challenge

Well done William Franklin for achieving the Bronze Award and to Eddie Sims for achieving Bronze and Silver Awards!! Congratulations!

Current Covid-19 restrictions

Thank you for your continued patience and support with our current arrangements.  

Please can I remind everyone to keep apart 2 metres from other families whilst waiting outside school.   Also, please park and drop-off considerately.  

The yellow zig zag lines do mean parking is prohibited.  As well as carrying a fine, it is dangerous as children are leaving and entering school. 

Reading Ambassadors 

Congratulations to our newly appointed Yr 6 Reading Ambassadors: Caria, Olivia, Arkash and Mollie.  More details of their role to follow.

Friday Favourites

We are so glad that Friday Favourites are back!  Whenever possible, please order via the office by Wednesday.

National Libraries Week 

We have a special surprise in school next week organised by Miss Dunderdale to celebrate National Libraries Week and are very excited to see what it is.  The theme this year is – Building a Nation of Readers.

Chaplaincy Team

We are delighted and proud to announce our Chaplaincy Team for this year and welcome our new members:  Yr 6 Lameck, Maxwell, Danni, Jasmine, Angel, Caesar; Yr 5 Imogen, Maisie, Faseeh, Freya;  Yr 4 Lucas, Jamelia, Josh, Dionne.  

October – the month of the Holy Rosary

Each class is enjoying spending time praying the Holy Rosary this month, especially outside in our Sacred Space.  Our Chaplaincy Team do a great job of looking after it and making it a special place.

Reading Challegne

Book reviews completed at home do count towards our challenge but we are trying to limit items coming into school for infection control.  Perhaps only send them in once a week.

Primary and Secondary school places

Closing dates are:

31 October 2020 for secondary places

15 January 2021 for primary places

Please visit: www.lancashire.gov.uk/schools

Class Awards  

Our winners this week are:

Class 1 – Castelano & Eleonora
Class 2 – Olivia
Class 3 – Isabella
Class 4 – Finley
Class 5 – David
Class 6 – William
Class 7 – Maisie H
Class 8 – Ella

Music lessons

We have places available for violin and guitar lessons this term.  If you are interested, please contact the office.

Weekly Awards

Readers of the Week: 

Class 1 – Raven
Class 2 – Hakeem
Class 3 – Zayaan
Class 4 – Luca
Class 5 – Connor
Class 6 – Imogen
Class 7 – Caesar
Class 8 – Daniel

Writers of the Week: 

Class 1 – Freddie
Class 2 – Amy
Class 3 – Isla
Class 4 – Jessica
Class 5 – Marlena
Class 6 – Greta
Class 7 – Caria
Class 8 – Olivia

Contact Us

Tel: 01282 438120

Email: office@stjohns.lancs.sch.uk


Twitter: @BurnleySJB