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Dear Parents and Carers

This week, whilst preparing to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, we have thought about how we can follow Jesus’ message to his disciples when he said to them – go and tell the whole world about me.  Fr David also shared this message with us on Monday when he was in school, working with our Yr 4 children currently on the Sacramental Programme.

We welcomed another visitor to school on Monday and history was brought to life.  Sergeant Powell visited Yr 6 and initiated them into the East Lancs Regiment!  (This was a member of staff from Heritage Learning Lancashire).  The children enjoyed taking part in drills, pledged an oath and examined the equipment WW1 soldiers from our area would have had.  This links to their History work, learning about the Accrington Pals.

Next week we will have our May Procession to celebrate and honour Our Lady.  Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we will process in classes using separate areas.  We are sure it will be as lovely as ever, just a little different.

Children have enjoyed taking part in Royal Mail’s Heroes Stamp Design competition, honouring the heroes of the coronavirus pandemic.  Please see this link for more details: www.stampcompetition.ichild.co.uk

Reading Challenge

Congratulations to James Townend and Juvin Julius who have achieved their bronze award; and Isabelle Bradbury, Greta Bruzaite and Maisie Helps who have achieved their silver award. Well done all of you! 

Readers of the Week

Congratulations to: C1 Freddie; C2 Ollie; C3 Zayaan; C4 Emelia; C5 Libbie B; C6 Dinio; C7 Conor; C8 Grant.

Writers of the Week

Well done: C1 Abigail; C2 Giorgio; C3 Niamh; C4 Luca; C5 Freddie; C6 Stevie; C7 Leland; C8 Finley.

Weekly Class Winners

Congratulations to: C1 Imaan; C2 Theo; C3 Reece; C4 Neveah; C5 Lucas W; C6 Imogen; C7 Leo; C8 Ryan.

Yours sincerely
Mrs S Price