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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are well. We have enjoyed sharing Sunday’s Gospel this week as it seems even more appropriate for our lives now. Mark’s Gospel describes how the disciples witnessed Jesus’ divine power when he calmed the storm, showing his great care for them.

We are all experiencing storms at the moment and the Lord asks us not to be afraid but to be courageous and keep believing and trusting that He will always look after and care for us. He will never abandoned us.

This week the following children received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. We are very proud of them: Mia Quimpo, Jamelia Perocho, Bella-Rose Phenix, Libbie Burns, Dion Lopez, Freddie Pearson and Jake Cook.

Yesterday we are celebrated an important event in our school calendar, the Feast Day of St John the Baptist. Each class has helped to create a beautiful display. On Tuesday we enjoyed School Games Day. There are some lovely photos of both events on Twitter, please have a look.

Thank you very much for the feedback we have received about our revised RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) scheme of work. We are taking all your comments on board. Please get in touch is there’s anything further.

Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Oliver Britner, Ava-Jayne Simpson, Artus Balodis, Elexa Durkin, Freya Butschok, Arron Davies, Melody McGibbon, Zara Arshad, Isabella Allen, Blossom Smith-Jenneys, Dinio Wilson and Maisie Blackburn-Barnes who have achieved their bronze award; and James Townend, Jessica Woolley, Zayaan Ali, Hannah Smith, Daniel Elliott and Ryan Whittle who have achieved their silver award. Well done all of you!

GOLD WINNERS!! Congratulations to: Isabelle Bradbury, William Franklin, Caesar Lopez and Christopher Hewitt.

Readers of the Week 28th May

Congratulations to: C1 Olivia; C2 Isabella; C3 Lukas; C4 Skye; C5 Mia; C6 Charlie; C7 Lucy; C8 Wiktoria.

Writers of the Week 28th May

Well done: C1 Yoana; C2 Samanta; C3 Adam; C4 Daisy; C5 Emelia; C6 Freya; C7 Oliver R; C8 Harrison.

Weekly Class Winners 28th May

Congratulations to: C1 Olivia; C2 Jenson; C3 Abbas; C4 Jack; C5 Lucas H; C6 Sienna; C7 Stephen; C8 Angel H.

Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Price