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Dear Parents and Carers

This week we have thought about how Jesus is described in the Gospels as a vine.  We are the branches and He gives us strength.  We’ve talked about how He gives us love and helps us to grow strong.  

News from this week

The whole school had fun taking part in The Masked Reader.  This was a quiz via Teams to celebrate Book Week – we had to guess the book from just hearing the blurb.  Staff were impressed by children’s knowledge as many were able to guess the title and some could also name the author.  Children in our KS1 classes have enjoyed working outdoors sowing seeds and going on a plant hunt.

It is with regret that I have to inform you of a number of staff changes in school. 

Miss Ilyas will no longer be teaching in Class 5 but we are delighted that Mr Magnall will return for a while as Mrs Puttock continues to be absent. 

Miss Bramald is leaving at half-term to take up a family support role; and Mrs Mayor is leaving to take up a safeguarding role in another school.  We will miss them enormously but wish them the very best.

Next week I will write to you with details of Parent and Carers’ Evening which will take place after half-term.

Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Zachery Ellis who has achieved his bronze award; Katie Marlborough and Maxwell Ellis who have achieved their silver award. Well done all of you! 

Readers of the Week

Congratulations to: C1 Lucy; C2 Hakeem; C3 Freya; C4 Edie; C5 Sofia; C6 Tianna; C7 Maxwell; C8 Amelia.

Writers of the Week

Well done: C1 Anthony; C2 Artus; C3 Tommy; C4 Gracie; C5 Ethan; C6 Keizo; C7 Mya; C8 Sinead.

Weekly Class Winners

Congratulations to: C1 Abigail; C2 Daniel; C3 Sahm; C4 Finley; C5 David; C6 Noel; C7 Katrina; C8 Harrison.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely
Mrs S Price