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1) Uniform

Boys: Grey trousers, white shirt, or blue polo shirt and maroon top with the school logo (sweatshirt or fleece).

Girls: Grey skirt, grey trousers, white shirt or blue polo shirt and maroon top with school logo (sweatshirt or fleece). Blue summer dresses are allowed in the summer months.

PE: Plain white tee shirt or polo shirt, black shorts and appropriate footwear. Trainers and tracksuits for outdoor games in winter months. All children should have a PE kit bag, which they can keep on their coat hook.

2) Footwear
Only plain black shoes with no logos are allowed. Sensible footwear only is allowed. High heels or boot style shoes are not allowed.

3) Hair
Extreme hairstyles, including unnatural colours or decorative beads are not allowed. Severe haircuts, tramlines/shaved parting lines , shaven heads (number 2 cut or less) and decorative designs are not allowed.

4) Jewellery
The wearing of jewellery and make-up is neither appropriate nor desirable in the school environment. Children may wear a watch. Small stud type earrings are allowed. All jewellery must be removed before any PE activity.

5) Toys and Belongings
Toys and expensive or treasured personal belongings should not be brought into school as we cannot accept any responsibility for the safety or security of such items.

6) Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are not allowed in school. However, if your child needs to have one to use before or after school, it should be handed into the school office for safekeeping. If not handed in, it will be kept in a safe place and can be recovered by an adult from the Headteacher at the end of the half-term.

NB It is essential that ALL ITEMS of clothing and footwear are plainly and permanently marked with your child’s name.

Any pupil who does not follow the school policies regarding uniform and appearance will be subject to disciplinary procedures.  We will contact you and ask you to rectify any breeches of our policies as soon as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.